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Live Crescent Observation

Inshalla we will have in this page live broadcast for Shawwal crescent observation on Sunday 27 July 2014 from Amman-Jordan. We will broadcast the PC screen so that the visitors can see the observation in details. In case the crescent will be visible, then the visitor will be the first to see it along with the observers!

The technique we are using is called CCD Imaging, and this is a new technology used for crescent sighting. CCD imaging is done by taking many photos for the location of the crescent (can be as many as 300 photos), then these photos are combined into one photo by a dedicated software. Afterwards, image processing (contrast tuning) might be needed, and then the crescent could appear. This technique surpasses the naked eye and the telescope, where the crescent can be seen at daytime, even if the crescent can not be seen by naked eye or by the telescopes. Thus, we usually start this kind of observation at early morning, and we keep following the crescent until the sunset and moonset.

We leave aside whether this kind of observation is accepted from Shar'i (Islamic) point of view or not. We just do a scientific work, and then it is up to the authorities to consider it or not.

You can visit this page to know more about Shawwal crescent visibility.

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Name of Observer: Mohammad Odeh & Ahmad Al-Hudban
Location of Observation: Amman, Jordan
Expected live time: Sunday 27 July 2014, between 07:00-16:48 UT.

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